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The Karate Institute’s Dragons program takes the martial arts experience for young children to a whole new level with the Early Skillz and Basic Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts System... infused with the latest understanding in child psychology and development!


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We use elements of traditional Martial Arts curriculums to build skills that are appropriate for our 3 and 4 year old group and 5 and 6 year old group. The best part of the Dragons Program is that it will prepare your child for kindergarten and pre-school as well as develop the skills that they will utilize in every area of their life!

Kicking, Punching Blocking, Crawling, Hopping, Rolling, Running and Catching!

Lil’ Dragons program helps children, 3 and 4 years to develop Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social abilities. Our primary focus in this class is the set of 8 skills important in the martial arts while targeting stages of Development particular to this age group. Classes are entertaining while at the same time building skills that set them up to succeed.

Focus, Teamwork, Control, Memory, Balance, Discipline, Fitness and Coordination!

Junior Dragons program will maximize the learning experience for 5 and 6 year olds. Children in this age group are the most enthusiastic students. They love creativity and problem solving. This age group is more progressive in following tasks. The 8 Basic Skillz targets their Stage of Development in a manner that is suitable to their social and intellectual curiosity. The slow infusion of our regular karate curriculum along with the Basic Skillz is the best way to prepare children to move up to their next level of training.

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Rob R
- 4 months ago
Good people, and a great way to get fit. Highly recommend it for anyone regardless of you current fitness level.

Carol Soos
- 4 years ago
The last writer un-nerved me. This school is a great way to introduce Karate to everyone any age over 3yrs. My Granddaughter (12) has been going for 3 years. She was really kind of shy, slow in school work etc. Karate does what is says. Knowledge, discipline, respect, courage, etc. Just come anytime and check them out. The students are given certificates for friends to come and try a month of lessons for $000.00, and a free uniform to keep no matter their decision. They can do this because once the child tries it they keep coming. Now, Honestly not all do. It is not for everyone for what ever reason. But most of them make some really great lifelong friends and a sport that may someday save them from attacks by anyone. My other granddaughter (5) started when she was 3. I am glad they both had this opportunity. It's really not all that expensive either. Not for what they are getting back from it. I highly, very highly recommend Mentor Karate Institute!

- 3 years ago
John and I cannot say enough good things about the Karate Institute of Mentor. From the moment we started three months ago with our daughter in the Lil Dragons program, kids ages 3-4 yrs old, we have been welcomed every day by smiling faces and warm hellos. All of the Sensei’s go out of their way to say hello and give High Five’s when they pass by. But the thing that has impressed us most of all are the other students, the older kids in particular. They make sure that our daughter understands how to do the exercises, they keep an eye on her when she’s in a big group and take time to make sure she does her best at every skill. She loves working with the “Big Kids” as she calls them and even when we practice at home, she likes to pretend that she’s one of them. We have been in other situations where we felt like outsiders but at the Karate Institute of Mentor you feel like family from day one. Everyone knows your name and your child’s name and genuinely is interested in their success. We are so happy that we’ve found the Karate Institute of Mentor and would recommend them to anyone who wants to have their child grow both physically and mentally in a happy environment. Thank you to the owners Sensei Dennis and Sensei Mercedes Janes as well as all of my daughters other sensei’s, Sensei Kelly and Sensei Linda Thomas, who work so hard every day to make the Dojo what it is today. And a big thank you to the other students who have truly surpassed our expectations with their leadership abilities and we look forward to many more years with our karate family!

Gina Arroyo
- 3 years ago
Great fun and fitness for the whole family!

DeAnna Janes
- 2 years ago

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